Hospice Volunteer Trainings – February

January 8, 2018

There will be two classes, Group a and Group B.  See the class schedule below:

Group A:                                                                                  Group B:
February 1st 11am-6pm                                                           February 5th 12pm-7pm
February 2nd 1pm- 7pm                                                           February 6th 12pm-7pm
February 3rd 1pm-5pm                                                            February 7th 5pm-7pm
February 4th 1pm- 4pm                                                           February 8th 3pm-7pm

Requirements: Application submitted with references by January 29th. If you have experienced a substantial loss within a year, you will be placed on hold until next training. Background check, TB- screening through blood draw and flu shot all required. Yearly mandatory Flu shot.