I sincerely thank the angels on earth that work for Stella Maris hospice who took care of my mother in her final days.
I am writing to relay my family's great appreciation for the superlative level of care my mother is receiving in your rehab facility at Stella Maris. Right from the start, Stella Maris earned its reputation. In an age when one hears and sees horror stories of nursing shortages and a fallen level of care in facilities for the elderly, Stella Maris is bucking that trend and earning its reputation as the state's best. Congratulations to you for fostering and setting a culture of excellence.
My father was in Hospice Care on the 4th floor at Stella Maris. The staff could not have been more helpful, pleasant or accommodating. My father was in distress before he got to Stella Maris, they comforted him and provided the care and treatment he needed. I found admissions, the nurses and associated clergy to all be very responsive and extremely helpful. Thank you Stella Maris!
James B
We are so grateful to the entire long-term care staff for the care given to our mother. She was always treated with tenderness, patience and dignity. However, most of all, it was the overall respect shown to Mom that gives us peace.
The Stella Maris Sister Mary Karen McNally Rehabilitation Center was an absolute lifesaver for my mother. Aside from the private, bright, spacious rooms and tasty, generous portions of food, this beautiful state of the art facility employs the most compassionate and gifted souls in the healthcare industry. After only a month of working with Stella’s therapists, Mom was able to climb stairs with relative ease and walk the halls with a single point cane. At the end of her stay, tender words and hugs were shared. We have so much to be grateful for…and the healthcare team at Stella is at the top of the list!
Susan G.
I was glad that we chose Stella Maris for my husband’s short-term rehabilitation care because of the pleasant and helpful staff.
My family and I can’t thank the hospice staff enough for their loving care of my mother. From the cleaning staff to the nurse practitioner, she was given compassionate and loving care from all.
We had a wonderful experience at Stella Maris. My father was so well taken care of by everyone we encountered. The doctors, the nurses, even the food service staff were so attentive. The place was immaculate and the food was good. It was unfortunate that he had to go to rehab after his accident but we were pleased with his stay here.
Leslie L.
My short-term rehabilitation stay was wonderful because of the kind staff and care that I received.
My mom went to Stella Maris after fracturing her hip and getting a hip replacement. The nurses, aides and therapy staff were kind and attentive to my mother's needs. The communication with our family was wonderful especially with Covid restrictions. Our social worker made sure we knew our options and kept us informed every step of the way. My mom referred to the staff as her Angels.....Thank you Stella Maris!
Compliments to Stella Maris on the wonderful care my husband received. I have seen kindness, friendliness and compassion from the nurses, aides and cleaning staff. I see a lot of warmth among all the staff giving it a "family" atmosphere. I've been in many nursing homes over the course of ten years and none can even come close to the care received at Stella Maris. Placing my husband in a nursing home was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I can now go to bed at night without guilt knowing he is in good hands. His room always cleaned, food nutritious and aides assisting him in a kind, humanly manner. Please let the staff know how much they are appreciated and loved by this very grateful spouse.
Grateful Family
I am so thankful for Stella Maris. When dealing with a loved one needing care, it can be very stressful. The staff at Stella Maris has been absolutely wonderful. Everyone has been knowledgeable, professional, and eager to help. The rehab is state of the art, clean and refreshing in every way. Stella’s rehab is the Disney world of all facilities and I am incredibly grateful that my grandmother is in their care. She boasts each time I see her how well she is being cared for and assures me that I do not need to worry. That peace of mind is priceless.
Brittany N.
My mother spent a week in Hospice on the Fourth Floor. The staff was kind, sympathetic and professional. They were committed to her needs and ensured she was comfortable during her stay. The facilities are warm and cozy with big windows. It was my mother's wish to be transferred to Stella and it was a great choice. Highly recommend Stella Maris Hospice.
Stefan L.